We made EXIT STRATEGY in 2010 with a group of motivated creators who started with a web series and wanted to explore the idea more. Producer Quincy "QDeezy" Harris and writer/actor Jameel Saleem sourced the film's initial financing via Big Boy, who was on-air at Power 106 at the time. Director Michael Whitton came on board to shoot, edit, color correct and deliver, all via a MacBook Pro.  Countless others contributed their talents and passion to the project along the way.

It was a miracle the film was finished but with an additional 50% financing from Ask Around, we output to DCP and had a 10-city theatrical release, first with AMC and then with Rave Cinemas. The times were different; streaming was just getting started.  Our home entertainment distributor sold in DVDs to Wal-Mart, Target, Best Buy and more, right when DVD sales crashed.  The end of an era.

And so the industry continues, movies are made and streamed.  Kevin Hart is a mega-star.  Black Lives Matter.  We were proud to be a part of this project, to support these creators and their dreams, and look forward to our next ultra-low budget filmmaking opportunity.